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Yacht Carpet Cleaning Singapore

Regardless of whether you want your yacht carpets refreshed, or you desire a thorough and deep cleaning, you definitely want a yacht carpet cleaning that will yield results within few minutes.

There are lots of troublesome stains that cannot be removed through regular cleaning methods, secondly, old carpets, and rugs require more sensitive and careful handling than new ones because the type of cleaning methods and cleaning solutions used can destroy such carpets.

We do have the technology and knowledge to transform your old carpets into a new and refreshed one without causing damages to the fabric textures.

Whether you need a red wine stain removal on your yacht carpet, or wet carpet shampoo cargo ship carpet cleaning, or you are confused about the right type of cleaning for your private ferry, you can rely on our expertise to turn around the situation within minutes and make your yacht or ferry smelling fresh and more appealing, for the next trip.

We do have highly competent technicians with years of experience in cargo ship carpet cleaning services; in addition we offer a jet extraction machine that has been found to be one of the most effective in the dislodgment of dirt and dust. 

Our cleaning technicians also make use of advanced rotary machines that comes with shampoo brushes that make it easier for the cleaning to go deep down into all types of fabrics, thus lifting stains and dusts to the surface of the fabric and making it easier to eliminate.

Jet extraction methods do not only work for ferry carpet cleaning, it helps restore the colour of your fabric and makes it even newer and fresher. We do offer also emergency cleaning servings in all suburbs and major towns and cities.

If you require an urgent yacht carpet cleaning, do not hesitate to contact us on now!

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