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Ferry Carpet Cleaning Singapore

Ferries carpet cleaning is not just about throwing the cleaning solution on the carpet , or using specialized cleaning equipment, there are quite a number of specialized options you can choose from, if you want to get the best results, these include; active carbonated cleaning solution, resistance and re-soling cleaning solution, short drying time solutions, carpet de-odourizing solution, chemical dry stain extinguisher solution, and grease  and oil stain extinguisher solution.

The active carbonated cleaning solution is a special yacht carpet cleaning solution that involves a natural cleaning method without the use of harsh chemical cleaning solutions. Carbonated cleaning solutions are more effective than conventional solutions because they get through to the root of carpet fibers.

Short drying time cleaning solution, is a form of ferry carpet cleaning method that involves cleaning carpets and upholstery while using 80% less water. Short drying time cleaning solution helps conserve more water than the steam cleaning and wet extraction method, and it ensures that your carpet dries up quicker than expected.

Carpet de-odourizer cleaning method is an after-cleaning method whereby fresh and natural scents are infused into the cleaned area, and at the same time, this cleaning method helps slow down future soiling because the de-odourizing agent provides a secondary coating on the carpet fiber, thus protecting it effectively.

The chemical dry stain extinguisher is a water-based cleaning solution that can help remove the most stubborn stains from the fabrics of carpets, upholstery, carpet inferiors and softer fabrics.  Chemical dry stain extinguisher is the perfect cleaning option for ferry carpet cleaning because it involves the use of environmental-friendly chemical solutions to lift off stubborn stains for easy removal.

Grease and oil stain extinguisher for cruise carpet cleaning, is an inevitable cleaning option for cruise ships, yacht and cargo ships because it removes the most powerful sticky grease stains.

There are quite a number of several other specialized cruise ship cleaning services available on we offer, these include; emergency carpet cleaning , and they are all available at the best discounted rates that you can afford.

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